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2020-6-3 · Artmar Natural Stone is a well-known and trusted international brand with representation in South Africa, Europe (Turkey) and Australia. We specialise in the wholesale and retail of beautiful natural stone tiles in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.Our products are of a remarkable quality, and we are proud to say that we are the largest wholesaler of products of this nature in South Africa.

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When it comes to any kind of natural stone tile. requirements, be it for wall tiles, floor tiles, or pavers, Artmar Tile and Stone should be your go-to supplier!. We supply beautiful and affordable natural stone products of a large variety, across Sydney, and via our partners across the rest of Australia.

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Since limestone is such a versatile and extremely durable stone material, we at Artmar have a wide range of limestone tiles. on offer. Limestone is a beautiful, natural rock composed mainly of seashells, skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as corals and molluscs, and other marine sediments.

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stone tiles | choose the right stone tile for your home, right here at artmar Natural stone is a preferred building material due to its unique character, extreme stability, and overall grandeur. Each stone material offers a wide variety of colours, textures and patterns, which add

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The variety of finishes on travertine tiles offered by Artmar is amazing. We make sure to have something availe for any kind of requirement or personal style! The vein cut option highlights the natural lines of the stone, while cross cutting emphasises travertine’s pits and voids. Some of

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The variety of natural stone pavers . from Turkey offered by Artmar will have you struggling to make the right cho!. We have a large variety of outdoor tiles and pavers availe, including travertine, marble, sandstone, granite, and limestone.

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2020-6-3 · At Artmar, we have natural stone countertops availe that are perfectly suited for domestic and commercial requirements. Our stone selection includes: Our stone selection includes: Marble is a popular cho for domestic and commercial bathroom counters as it adds a sense of sophistication and luxury when applied.

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2020-6-3 · Natural stone tiles have been used for decorative purposes for decades and this is because they are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including bathroom floors, as backsplashes, on kitchen walls, for outdoor entertainment areas, fireplaces, and so much more. At Artmar, we have a wide selection of 100% natural

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2020-6-3 · Artmar supplies the widest variety of natural stone products availe in South Africa. The products we supply include tiles, ss, mosaics and cladding.

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2020-6-3 · If you would like to find out more about our range of natural stone products, feel free to pay our showroom a visit, give us a call, or send us an email. Home. Products. Tiles. Travertine Tiles. Marble Tiles. Granite Tiles. Sandstone Tiles. Limestone Tiles. Slate Tiles. Porcelain Tiles. Countertops. Marble Countertops. Granite Countertops

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Artmar was super thrilled to receive the new Brazilian slate stock, which was delivered and offloaded at our Cape Town warehouse this morning. Natural stone tiles are readily availe and ready for collection. Call us on 021 556 0202 to enquire or visit our site here: ://

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2020-5-25 · Importer, Stockist, Distributer & Wholesaler of Natural Stone building materials which include Tiles, Ss, Basins, Mosaics, Cladding & Pavers. Artmar Natural Stone is a specialist wholesaler and retailer of natural stone products. Our natural stone products include granite, sandstone, travertine, marble and limestone based tiles, counter tops, cladding and mosaics.

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2020-6-12 · Marble Natural Stone Tiles from Turkey Marble is a hard metamorphic stone that has been formed from limestone. The colours, veins and shades are

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Artmar are your natural stone experts when it comes to floor and wall tiles and pavers from across the Globe to Australia! ABOUT US With a collected experience of over ten years, with heritage reach all the way to Turkey and South Africa; you can trust we understand every aspect of every natural stone

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Artmar Natural Stone Warehouse, a leading supplier of luxury natural stone tiles and pavers in Australia, announces the launch of a new ecommerce website offering factory direct ps to retail

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Our strength and success as a company is shared with Stone Bazaar Mining and Export Ltd which is a subsidiary of Artmar Natural Stone Tiles. Stone Bazaar is based in Turkey and specialize in: Sourcing natural stone blocks from our contracted quarries. Manufacturing natural stone tiles, ss, cladding, mosaics & basins Procuring all kinds of

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Our strength and success as a company is shared with Stone Bazaar Mining and Export Ltd which is a subsidiary of Artmar Natural Stone Tiles. Stone Bazaar is based in Turkey and specialises in:-Sourcing natural stone blocks from our contracted quarries-Manufacturing natural stone tiles, ss, cladding, mosaics and basins-Procuring all kinds of

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Artmar is the leading stone and tile specialist, one of Australia’s largest natural stone suppliers. Quality tiles & pavers for all purposes.

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2017-11-28 · Stone flooring Natural Stone Warehouse has taken pride in offering only the finest natural stone products, sourced from locations across the globe. Our vast range includes floor tiles, specialised stone wall cladding, mosaics and finishing products such as step edges, pool coping and listelli.

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Artmar Natural Stone also offer a wide variety of servs, such as fabrication, sourcing, technical adv, honing, acid washing, bull-nosing, sealing, cleaning, seamless finishing and more. Visit their website to view recent projects or pop into the Showroom or Warehouse to view the many ranges on offer.

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2016-4-14 · Artmar Natural Stone Warehouse Pty Ltd. Artmar Natural Stone Warehouse Pty Ltd located in Sydney Brookvale Northern Beaches supplies a wide range of natural stone floor tile and wall tile products including travertine, sandstone and marble tiles,

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About Artmar. Artmar, Natural Stone Products in South-Africa serves as a specialist wholesaler and retailer in the natural stone industry. We are represented across South-Africa, Europe (Turkey) and Australia, with a beautiful showroom in Paardeneiland and a

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Artmar Natural Stone: The Beauty of Black Slate Sleek and sophisticated, modern black slate tiles are beautiful additions to any interior, from the bathroom walls to the kitchen floors! Used as a building stone for many years, today black slate is making a mark in the

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About Artmar. Artmar specialises in the wholesale and retail of 100% natural stone products. We are the largest supplier of natural stone products in South Africa and have assisted a large number of clients in adding a modern, yet natural touch to their homes.

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Artmar Tile and Stone We are industry leaders in the supply of Travertine, Marble, Limestone and Sandstone natural stone tiles. Mined primarily from our own quarries in Turkey, we

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Artmar natural stone products - We offer the highest quality natural stone, limestone crema marfil ss, tumbled or polished travertine tiles and pavers, mosaic, marble, porcelain ceramic flooring and wall tiles. Artmar Natural Stone is a well-known and trusted international brand with representation in South Africa, Europe (Turkey) and Australia.

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Artmar is one of the top natural stone product wholesalers in the entire country! We have a large product range, which includes tiles, mosaics, cladding ss, counter tops, and more. Each of the Artmar products is manufactured with utmost care, and we strive to continuously ensure a high standard of quality.

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Artmar is the largest supplier of natural stone tiles, counter tops, mosaics, and more, in all of the country! Add that element of natural warmth to your home or off with our products. We have a range of stone materials availe, which we manufacture to suit our clients’ tastes and needs.

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All our products are manufactured from natural stone, including Granite, Marble, Travertine, Quartzite and Limestone. The products are availe in counter tops, tiles, mosaics, and cladding ss. The natural stone products availe from Artmar, are known to be of an unbeatable quality standard.