Four Combination Mobile Crusher

• Primary crushing. • Recycle of concrete and rubbish. • Processing of construction waste.• Quarry.• Coal mining.• Other industries.

Four Combination Mobile Crusher

Light Duty Lathe Machine Qualities:-

    Four-In-One Plant, economical and applicative, flexibly used in secondary coarse or finecrushing according to the requirements for final products in coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. The plant extend the concept of coarse crushing and fine crushing. Standing on the customers’ position, the plant removes obstacles such as field, surroundings, etc. unfavorable factors which influence crushing. According to different requirements of customers, optimized combination between crushing and screening with different models makes the secondary crushing flexible. Besides, Four-In-One Plant has some functions including transport and classifier, which tries its best to meet customers’ individual needs.

      Jaw crusher is responsible for primary crushing, and there are 8 kinds of models of cone crusher and impact crusher suited for secondary crushing which satisfy customers’ requirements for input size and output size independently. The maximum capacity can reach 100t/h.

Main Features:-

    1.Complete set integrated makes the plant achieve mobile crushing

    2.The whole-station belt conveyor equipped

    3.Independent unit satisfies customers’ requirements about production of stones

    4.Flexible maneuverability

    5.Good adaptability and flexible configuration

    6.Reduce costs of delivering

    7.The project is effective and direct

    8.Optional switch for host to satisfy customer's need

    9.Quick opening process with flexible parking function

Technical Data

Model Feeding Equipment Crushing Equipment Max. preparedness capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension
(the actual design shall prevail)
Weight (t)
Model Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) output
Transport dimension (need tear-down)
KE400C55-4 3YZS1548 PE400×600 350 15-60 45-90 16500×2800×4500(mm) 50
GZD960×3500 PYB900 115 50-90
KE400C55-4 3YZS1548 PEW400×600 350 15-70 50-100 16500×2800×4500(mm) 51
GZD960×3500 PYB900 115 50-90
KE400C75-4 3YZS1548 PE400×600 350 15-60 45-100 16500×2800×4500(mm) 54
GZD960×3500 CS75B   45-163
KE400C75-4 3YZS1548 PEW400×600 350 15-70 60-100 16500×2800×4500(mm) 50
GZD960×3500 CS75B   45-163
KE500C55-4 3YZS1548 PE500×750 425 50-100 60-100 16500×2800×4500(mm) 56
GZD960×3500 CS75B   45-163
KE500C75-4 3YZS1548 PE500×750 425 50-100 50-90 16500×2800×4500(mm) 60
GZD960×3500 PYB900 115 50-90
KE400F110-4 3YZS1548 PE400×600 350 15-60 35-100 16500×2800×4500(mm) 53
GZD960×3500 PF1010 200 50-90
KE500F110-4 3YZS1548 PE500×750 425 50-100 45-100 16500×2800×4500(mm) 58
GZD960×3500 PF1010 200 50-90


A body in common use of 8 kinds of models, crushing unit interchange system, feeding unit interchange and screening unit interchange reduce the investment and production costs. In a short time, vibrating feeders with different models are interchangeable in the same mobile crusher, the same example can be used in exchangeable system for impact crusher and jaw crusher, exchangeable system for different models of vibrating screen. Basing on cooperation between high-efficiency equipment, the perfect plant has advantages of wide usage and comprehensive functions, which can maximize the value of customers.